So, another year has come and gone in LSU Media, and (almost) all that’s left to do is celebrate the good and the great of the last 12 months in the LSU Media Awards 2016.

The nominations have closed, the two-stage panel process is complete, and here are the brilliant shortlisted nominees…

Label Best Section
Design, Features and News

Label Best Volunteer
Abbey Gardner, Arianna Rossi, Beatrice Quarshie, Greg Carter and Jack Berisford

Best Contribution to Sport
Amber Thiara, Rob Godmon, Tom Haslam and Ushandan Kirupalaratnam

Best Contribution to Features
Alice Priestley, Beatrice Quarshie and Jack Berisford

LCR Best Show
Infinity2One, Good Craic, The Mike Show and The Salomé and Sarah Show

LCR Best Volunteer
Mike Spaven, Jennifer Taylor, Naomi Riley-Dudley and Jack Connor-Richards

Best Contribution to Entertainment
Beatrice Quarshie, Craig Searle, SMASH Prestream Buffering Video and LCR Towers Live

Best Contribution to Music
Cameron Small, LCR Music Team and Naomi Riley-Dudley

Lens Best Photo
James Wilkins, Ushandan Kirupalaratnam and Liam Cooke

Lens Best Volunteer
James Wilkins, Kim Clark and Gautham Kannan

Best Use of Marketing
Label Design Team, LCR Committee and Tom Stovell

Best Contribution to News
Dan Leedham, Ellie Mackenzie, Freshers’ 60 Second News, Kushal Shah and Exec Elections 60 Second News

LSUTV Best Show
Freshers’ 60 Second News, SMASH, Totty TV and Exec Elections 60 Second News

LSUTV Best Volunteer
Cameron Small, Craig Searle, Ed Radford, Jack Berisford and Tom Stovell

Most Improved Hall Media
To be announced on the night.

Best Media Rep
Beth Meighan & Lily-Anna Tyrimos, Craig Searle, Emily Millen, George Aldridge, Lien Nguyen and Ollie Lee

Hall of the Year
David Collett, Harry French and Elvyn Richards

Best New Volunteer
Alex Dexter, Jack Berisford, Katie Greenslade, Mike Spaven, Salomé Doré, Theo King and Tom Newman

Best Overall Volunteer
Greg Carter, Jack Berisford, Jennifer Taylor, Leanna Kightley, and Tom Stovell

Lifetime Achievement
To be announced on the night.

All of the nominations went through recommendations from the LSU Media Senate before final shortlists and winners were selected by a panel comprising of Bryn Wilkes (VP Media), Chris Moore (Media Technical and Production Support), Max Crawford (VP Union Affairs), Ally McDonald (LSU Head of Marketing) and Emma Leech (LU Director of Marketing and Advancement).


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