A guest piece on the NUS Referendum from the Remain campaign. Find all NUS Referendum coverage here.

There’s a reason why over 600 students’ unions in the UK affiliate to the NUS. We believe our interests, as Loughborough students, are best served by remaining part of the national body. For 3 main reasons:

  • The financial benefits for LSU and Loughborough Students
  • To ensure our rights are protected
  • The support NUS gives to students in a variety of ways

Being part of the NUS community enables us, as Loughborough students, to benefit financially. The NUS Extra card gives us all great deals for a small fee: deals which we can only keep if we vote to remain. LSU also benefits financially when Loughborough students get an NUS Extra Card, by receiving commission whenever we use it. NUS membership provides access to a supply network, guaranteeing access to cheaper products at the Union. These financial benefits help towards creating the student experience that we all enjoy.

The NUS is instrumental in protecting the rights of students and championing our interests on a national level. It is the body which gives a voice to all of us, a voice that can be heard. It is essential that we remain part of the national body, to guarantee that our interests are heard and respected. Being part of the NUS community ensures our concerns are not ignored – leaving NUS would destroy the voice that we currently have. Leaving NUS would result in Loughborough students’ interests being unrepresented. Leaving NUS, leaves us voiceless.

The NUS has successfully ensured that networks exist to provide support and advice for students. Women’s networks, disabled , LGBT, and black and minority ethnic student networks exist up and down the country supporting students like you. They learn from each other by gaining advice from NUS on matters that affect students like you. Only by remaining in NUS, will we learn and develop these networks so that they always work in your interests.

NUS protects the interests of international students who come to study in Loughborough. Likewise, they protect the interests of students who wish to study abroad. NUS will protect your interests whether you are studying in the UK, or abroad.

We accept that NUS is not perfect; but is leaving really the solution? We need to remain, to help NUS improve from within, and ensure that the protection NUS provides is available to as many students as possible.

When it acts nationally in the interests of students, governments listen. Its voice, our voice, is powerful. Loughborough students deserve a voice at the national level; we don’t deserve to be isolated, we don’t deserve to be left behind. We need to remain.

Vote to remain in NUS.

-A campaign piece from the Remain in the Game Campaign group


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