Sometimes the news is sad, sometimes it’s funny, and other times it is downright creepy. This is one of those times. The Japanese have come up with an inventive, but rather bizarre solution to the rising and overwhelming death rates they are experiencing.

Over 100,000 people die every year in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, yet there are currently only 20 crematoriums to deal with this. In order to solve this problem, government officials are refurbishing an old factory, and turning it into a corpse hotel. The hotel will provide a temporary resting place for the dead, until more formal arrangements are made.

The crematorium hotel will include a space for families to sit and relax or discuss their options with staff. There is also the option to visit the deceased whilst they are staying at the hotel.

Although this is a weird use of a hotel, it does provide a solution for the ever growing problem: I don’t think I’ll be booking a room anytime soon- the Tripadvisor reviews are somewhat lacking!

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