Summer is fast approaching and soon enough we will all return home and say goodbye to Loughborough until September. However, I think we can all admit that sometimes summer holidays aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and boredom can strike. So, to avoid sitting in front of Netflix all day, getting up at midday, and simply dreaming about going back to Uni, here are some things we could all be doing at home.

Take up a sport or join the gym

With so much spare time, the gym could be the perfect thing. Not only will it keep you fit and make you feel good about yourself, it could also be extremely sociable – invite friends who are home for summer and use it as a good excuse for a catch-up. You could try classes together, or even try a sport neither of you have tried before.

Make use of the warmer weather

That is providing that we do get some sun this summer, a nice walk with family, friends, or even your dog, can get you out the house for an hour or two and make you feel a lot better about yourself. Like the gym, use it as an excuse to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.

Make an effort to arrange plans with friends

Making plans can sometimes be difficult, with many people living apart, being busy, or having jobs. However, really persevere and try to arrange a specific date where you plan to go shopping or an evening where you’ll go for a drink. You’ll be thankful you made the effort when you look back after summer at how many friends you got round to seeing, and all the different things you managed to do.

Look for things going on in your local area

Keep an eye out for events that may be happening near you – there could be new places opening, events being held, or opportunities to go and visit places nearby with friends. All of which could make enjoyable days out.

Finally, work, or go job hunting

With such a long period of time at home, and all needing a bit more money at Uni, summer is the perfect opportunity to earn some money to fund our Loughborough lives. If you don’t have a job at home, touch up your CV and add in all the skills you will have bettered and learnt while being at Loughborough. Make sure to ask your friends if their workplace is hiring, and sign onto job alert sites which inform you of vacancies in your local area. Go round with CVs around twice a week, handing them out to shops, restaurants and bars, as this way they are more likely to remember your face and name. When you’re there, be confident and even ask to speak to the manager but most importantly, don’t give up and be disheartened if you can’t seem to find anything just yet.

Hopefully, this means that this summer we will always be busy and not missing Loughborough too much; be it seeing friends, going to the gym, or looking for work. I guess we can always make time for a lie in and a TV marathon, though, right?

Charlotte Harvey


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