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To run a marathon is a fantastic achievement and many of us have it on our ‘bucket list’ or ‘to do list’. Many of us are also supporters of friends and family who love the buzzing atmosphere and enjoy the day by cheering on the runners. Either way Label have put together what they think are the top five marathons from around the world for those of you that ever want to run or support!

  1. Boston, USA

The Boston Marathon is the longest running marathon in the world and is traditionally held on Patriot’s Day (April 18th). It’s considered the original and the best and this year’s race edition is the 120th! The course includes a draining five mile stint over four hills but as the race is on a national holiday the whole day is a huge social and cultural occasion.

  1. London, England

In my opinion this is the best marathon to go and support! The whole way round the course there are steel drum bands, choirs, stereos and of course the voices of all the fans. It’s tough to get a place in this Marathon because it’s so popular but it is definitely worth running. The crowds of loud support and the iconic sites get you round the race and it’s pretty flat so it’s definitely one for the ‘bucket list’.

  1. The Great Wall Marathon, China

Now this would certainly be an impressive marathon story to say the least. Running 26.2 miles along the steps of The Great Wall of China would be the most memorable race ever. Not only are you running on history, but you are surrounded by culture and beautiful scenic views; especially seeing as the event takes place in May when the weather is hot. This Marathon is for the true athletes amongst us.

  1. Berlin, Germany

This is the biggest Marathon in the world, so of course it made the cut! 40,000 runners take part every year and it’s heavily supported with noisy grandstands on the way to the finish line past the Brandenburg Gate. Similar to London the course for this Marathon is very flat and is suited to first time marathon runners. It’s also an autumn marathon (September) meaning that temperatures are normally colder than spring marathons.

  1. New York City, USA

Last but not least is the New York Marathon. This course incorporates all five New York boroughs but it’s an autumn marathon (November) so the weather can be bitterly cold. This hasn’t stopped the tens of thousands of runners competing in this race every year as they enjoy the sights of NYC including Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Queensborough Bridge, the Bronx, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and Tavern on the Green at which it finishes. The runners pass many culturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods and more than 100 live bands are stationed along the course to support!

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