So, we’ve all successfully made it to the final semester! We still have our hair, bearings and at least some of our sanity left and so I definitely think it is a good enough reason to reward ourselves. However, it is important to remember that for most of us, the final semester is undoubtedly the most important and so we should work extra hard in order to overcome the final hurdle of the year.

From a personal point of view, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. As a fresher, it only seems like five minutes ago since I moved into my flat and began the most incredible journey of my life! Now, those people that I once considered strangers are my best friends and I couldn’t imagine living a life that isn’t at Loughborough. So, there are just five weeks left of timetabled lectures. FIVE WEEKS! For some (particularly those doing coursework based courses) this marks the end of your University year and so 35 days is all that stands between you and that lengthy summer! However, for those that have June exams, more patience and dedication are required in order to see you out – but again, this isn’t a long time to endure at all! In what ways can you maintain or even enhance that level of motivation that is so entirely needed in order to successfully complete your coursework, exams or dissertation.

Set yourself weekly targets

At the beginning of each week, you may find it useful to set yourself a goal in which you must achieve by the following Friday. This encourages you to complete work on a daily basis and also rewards you with a feeling of relief and triumph if it is achieved. It will help to enhance your level of organisation skills and, if the goal set is realistic, will remove a significant chunk of your workload and stress in a short amount of time.

Give yourself something to work for

I may have accidentally booked a holiday to Tenerife on the day of my final deadline…woops! But, hey, this isn’t a bad thing! There is nothing wrong with setting yourself something to look forward to for when all of the stress is over. The thought of lying on a hot beach with a cocktail is the only thing that is encouraging me to continue at the moment! So, book a short trip away for when your exams are over or even set a date with your friends! Something to look forward to is the ultimate motivation goal.


This may sound obvious but a good night’s sleep is key to a healthy and productive day. If you don’t have the required amount of rest that your body needs, then you aren’t able to function correctly. The likelihood is that your work will take double the time to complete and the quality will be significantly lower than usual. So, do the sensible thing and get an early night.


I am fully aware of the fact that most students wish to complete their work as soon as possible and so will spend hours and hours in the library until the task is complete. However, this is unhealthy. Statistics show that taking regular breaks to partake in physical activity and relax the brain is actually more beneficial than dedicating an entire week to solid work. Your brain needs a resting period and exercise is a perfect way to de-stress and clear things up mentally. Whether it’s for fifteen minutes or an hour, do it.

Remind yourself of your long-term goals

Finally, reminding yourself of your long-term aspirations, both personal and professional, can be the best motivation! Whether you really want to finish the year on a comfortable 2:1 or whether you want to secure that placement at Eon – giving yourself the occasional reminder is the perfect way to boost your energy!

Keep calm, work hard and reward yourself and you will fly through the final weeks here at Loughborough.

Livv Ferris


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