In a new record, Loughborough has been shortlisted for nine out of ten Whatuni Student Choice Awards. The awards are voted for by students and nine nominations sees Loughborough beat their previous record by one.

The cataegories they have been nominated for are – accommodation, clubs and societies, course and lecturers, job prospects, student union, university facilities, support services, international and an overall ranking that counts towards the university of the year award, which Loughborough took home last year.

This year saw over 25,000 reviews submitted by students, an increase of 5,000 from last year. The nominations Loughborough has received are identical to last year, only this time with the inclusion of best international.

In fact, the nominations over the past few years do seem strikingly similar with some universities such as Loughborough, Bangor and Harper Adams being consistently nominated for a wide range of categories over the years. As the reviews are submitted by students, could this mean that the university with the most nominations is the university that manages to get the most of its students to vote for it?

The nominations Loughborough have received are well deserved, but with them being almost identical to last year it begs the question whether the awards are acknowledging consistency rather than improvement. I’m sure most students would have no qualms with the nominations but it would be a stretch to say that all students have not had their issues or difficulties with areas such as accommodation or even the students’ union.

Shortlisted for all but “City Life”, which it seems impossible for us to achieve being in a small town, Loughborough stand a very strong chance of gaining yet more awards this year, with nine shortlists, which follows Loughborough’s title of “University of the Year” in the awards in 2015.

Overall though it is great to see Loughborough prowess as an overall fantastic university being acknowledged. It seems that the Whatuni Student Choice awards is perhaps not the most accurate place to do it.

Results will be announced on 14th April, and Label will endeavour to bring you the news .


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