The attacks that happened in Paris on the night of the 13th November, and around the world, have created Global shock and devastation.  In the French capital alone, seven different attacks took place, killing over 100 people, and wounding many more. There have been a number of horror stories reported, including over 100 young people trapped in a siege at popular music venue, Bataclan in Boulevard Voltaire, where Eagles of Death Metal were playing. Civilians enjoying their Friday night eating in restaurants, watching the football, or drinking in bars were targeted in the worst attack on French land since the Second World War.

Photography by Cade Morris for LSU Media

There has been widespread support from around the world since the attacks, with cities such as Sydney, Shanghai and London illuminating their monuments with the French flag. Loughborough also paid their respects, holding a minutes silence at the Hazlerigg- Rutland fountain. Crowds gathered at 4pm today, for what was supposed to be a minute of silence, yet in reality lasted much, much longer as people mourned the loss of the victims. A plethora of candles were arranged at the front on the fountain, and although the wind was strong, both students and locals alike persisted in trying to light them.

Marina Soria, Loughborough’s Global Development Officer offered her thoughts on these heartbreaking events, saying:

“I have no words to describe how I feel after this tragedy that happened in my home country but I was very emotional to see so many people around the fountain today to show their support for France.  On behalf of the French community here in Loughborough, this moral support was very meaningful, as we are so far from home.

Merci Loughborough.”


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