As a university town, you would expect Loughborough to be attracting a plethora of different musicians both of a national and lesser known caliber to play to a live audience. However, as each weekend rolls around, we seem to experience the same genres in a club setting every time. LSU Arts hopes to bring a little variety to the Loughborough music scene by creating an alternative, indie open mic night. Dancing Horses to be precise.

Loughborough Students Union provides variety on a night out playing R&B, House, Pop, Golden oldies and also sometimes original mixes played by members of DJ societies. These genres are also played at the popular clubs in town, which means that every night you spend out, you are probably going to hear similar songs and for a long time over.

Dancing horsesThis is occasionally broken up by Subversion which is an alternative event where rock, punk, and heavy metal are played. As well as this, there is the ever so popular, DBE where you can go and get down to house, electro and drum and bass played by DJ’s invited to these events to perform for fans who enjoy this genre specifically. There is also an event every Thursday lunchtime at the union where an artist visits and plays their music, called the Coffee House Sessions, where students can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere over lunch with live music. Perfect for before, inbetween or after lectures.

Coffee House Sessions is the only live music however that occurs during the day which allows you to sit back and relax. Dancing Horses was set up for many a reason, one is being able to bring in bands that Loughborough University should be attracting anyway, a variety to play to a live audience who are just calming down after a long day of university perhaps.

Debuting tomorrow (16/11/15) Dancing Horses has an array of artists landing into Cogs to perform their sets to a live  and eager audience. Headlining bands include the alternative, Rozelle and the indie outfit Midnight Wire who are hotly tipped by BBC Introducing. These bands make for an interesting and unique student experience in the Union that hopefully will be a fixture in the music calendar.

As well as these external bands, open mic slots are up for grabs for students to showcase their talents to their peers, but also people from Loughborough town who might want to perform for a live and guaranteed audience.

Unique to other typical open mic nights, the event is set up so that there are two different stages: an acoustic section and an electric stage, which provides for an even larger range of talent to be able to perform, and make the evening enjoyable.

All in all, Dancing Horses hopes to achieve what it sets out to do: bring together external and internal musicians to the union to create a unique and alternative night that will certainly be remembered, and hopefully repeated. Hope to see you there!

Dancing Horses takes place Monday 16th November 2015. Starts at 7:30pm in Cogs. Free for students.

Tessa Kerr


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