In classic Loughborough fashion, William Morris Hall have started a petition in order to regain the full use of their common room.

Across Loughborough, the majority of halls are able to use their common rooms for social events, punch parties and all sorts of other events without their intentions being questioned by the hall. Bill Mo have recently had their common room redecorated by Unite who own William Morris, Harry French and The Holt. Despite them all being part of the same group, Harry French and The Holt are still able to use their common rooms as they please.

The text on the petition questions why other halls should have free use: “If William Morris can not have a common room. Why should Bakewell? Harry French? The Holt? Rig Rutt? etc.” No doubt the fact that this says “can not” have one at all will be questioned by the hall, as they will claim that they are still allowed to use the area, despite the heavy restrictions that are being put in place.

It is apparent that the wording of the new “rules” on common room usage are also vague: “However, it has come at a cost as we can now only use it as a ‘socialising area’ (which does not have any clarity) but are not allowed any events involving beverages.” The lack of clarity is clearly unfair on the students of the hall and restricting not only on them, but also on others who like to hire out those spaces for social purposes. Ironically, one of the decorations on the wall of the common room also reads “YOUR ROOM”…

Label spoke to Emma Levy, Bill Mo’s Hall Chair who added:

“We were told on 11th September that we wouldn’t be able to use the common room for warm up or punch parties over freshers, after plans were made- every other hall can apart from us!”

WScreen Shot 2015-11-08 at 18.45.53e’re interested to see how this petition goes, and with 200 signatures two hours after posting, it is clearly set to reach a high number with Falk Egg and Bakewell Hall Chair already backing the campaign. No doubt Bill Mo students, both current and alumni will be sharing this around to enable equal usage of hall spaces across Loughborough, on and off campus.

If you’d like to sign the petition to give Bill Mo free use of their common room, click here.

Label will bring you further developments as and when they happen. 


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