On Saturday 24th October a tribute football match was held in memory of a very special student who unfortunately passed away last year. Adele Addo was an Economics and Accounting Fresher who tragically died from a heart attack on 25th October 2014.

The tribute to Adele was brought about by the Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) where she was a member and society dance captain during her brief time at the university. The tribute match saw the ACS play The Rest of the World (RotW). The idea to have such a match was thought of by Idris Haruna, president of the ACS and former course mate of Adele,

“Although I did not know her for long, in the short time that I did know her I saw her as a blessing, we all did. She made such a huge impact.”

It is clear to see that she is sorely missed by her peers and friends and it is a testament to Adele’s character that she is so well remembered and spoken of so highly despite being at the university for such a short span of time.

Idris along with the rest of his committee put together the match to celebrate Adele’s life using sport as platform. With the winners of the match being awarded with the ‘Adele Trophy’ and there being every intention to make the event an annual one. This was an inspiring demonstration of how Loughborough students are using the university’s sporting legacy to honour the memory of others.

Falk Egg's Rememberance Match for Robin Evans took place earlier this month - Photo by Cameron Small
Falk Egg’s Rememberance Match for Robin Evans took place earlier this month – Photo by Cameron Small

Unfortunately this young death is echoed by another tragic loss to the university. Just last month the Wolfson School of Engineering lost one of their Mechanical Engineering students, Robin Evans. He was involved in an accident while on placement in China and his passing struck the Loughborough student community. His hall, held a Rememberance Rugby match with Falk Egg Freshers taking on Returners in his memory. Despite these terrible events it is truly great to see grief and sadness being turned into a cause for celebration through great sportsmanship.

ACS 1Before kick-off both teams gathered for a minute’s silence to mark the occasion to pause and reflect. In the middle of the pitch, stood around the centre circle, and with the crisp night air upon us it really did feel like sport and Adele was uniting us all.

Despite the sadness of Adele’s passing the ACS really managed to turn the event into a festivity with a lively and animated game. With the constant cheering of the energetic crowd the RotW had a great start scoring an early goal. The RotW team was comprised of mainly Royce players. Lewis Crawford and Edd Hahn, manger and captain of the Royce football squad respectively said they were all too happy to play the ACS team as it was for a worthy cause. Both teams didn’t hold back and the pace of the game and vigour of play left us fully entertained. The ACS managed to get through the RotW defence and score an equaliser before the half-time whistle blew.IMG_1142

The second half was no less competitive, and despite the numerous shots at goal from the ACS that found themselves bouncing off the posts, their relentless attack wasn’t enough to prevent the RotW hitting the back of their own net twice more. The scoreboard at the end of the game: 3-1, the RotW claiming the Adele Trophy.

However the real victory was the spirit of sportsmanship within the university. It never ceases to amaze me how sport can unite all people in all manner of situations. Last weekend it was used to celebrate life. I’m proud to be part of a student community that so successfully uses sport to unite all cultures and backgrounds, and overcomes such saddening losses with its mighty team spirit.

Amber Thiara

Photography by ACS Media Rep Benita N


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