Arianna Rossi explores a few Winter getaway locations. 


Capital of Austria’s western state of Tyrol, Innsbruck is an ideal winter holiday location. Known for its winter sports and gorgeous architecture, this is definitely a place to add to your travel destination list. From skiing and hiking to visiting the Ambras Castle and shopping at the Christmas Market, you’ll surely find an activity to your liking. If you want a picturesque, snowy Christmas holiday in a charming little Austrian village, Innsbruck is the place for you!


Amsterdam ChristmasSimilar to Innsbruck, Amsterdam offers an attractive and snow-filled winter vacation, minus the skiing. Come and see the city covered in sparkling lights and Christmas decorations galore. What’s more magical than walking by the gorgeous canals while sipping warm mulled wine and munching on roasted chestnuts. Visit the Christmas Flea Market, the Amsterdam Lights Festival, the Christmas Village on Ice, and ‘Kerst Fair Markt’. The adventure is endless.


LuganoLugano is a gorgeous little town on the border of both Switzerland and Italy. It’s located on the Lugano Lake and is one of the most charming locations to visit for a winter holiday. Only a short drive away from St. Moritz, you can spend the day skiing and exploring the town and be back for a romantic dinner overlooking the lake in no time. As it’s close to Lake Como, you can spend the day exploring the town hoping to bump into George Clooney, and be back in time to visit the German Christmas Market in the main piazza under the famously enormous Lugano Christmas tree! You get the best of Switzerland and Italy if you come here on holiday, and who doesn’t love a two for one deal?

El Nido

El NidoIf you’re not one for the cold, El Nido is the perfect place for you. Relaxing on a small group of islands located in the Philippines, you’ll be able to lounge on the beach and bask in the sun for as long as you want. You can choose between four different islands: Apulit Island, Miniloc Island, Lagen Island, and Pangulasian Island. On each, you will find activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding, cave diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much much more. If you want a tropical island vacation for the winter holidays this is the place for you.

Key West

Key WestIf you’re looking for warmth and sun but don’t fancy spending your entire vacation on a beach then Key West, located in southern Florida, is a great alternative. Home of Earnest Hemingway and a hub of history, this location gives you a warm island vibe with a Nicholas Sparks feel to it (think ‘The Notebook’ and you’ll have a perfect image of Key West). As the southern most point of North America, Key West is very influenced by Cuban culture. However, you’ll be able to bike around old-style streets and enjoy a variety of fusion cuisines and shops, all the while sipping on iced margaritas. Don’t forget to sit on a pier to watch its legendary sunset and take a picture by the Highway 0 sign — where the US highway begins! Looking for a hot, historical holiday with complex culture? Go to Key West.

 Arianna Rossi


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