Hysteria reminiscent of Beyonce’s 2013 self titled mega album took over various social media and news outlets across the world today as 27 year old Adele, winner of 2 Grammy awards, 3 Brits and two critically acclaimed albums to say the least, released the first single from her upcoming album, 25 rumored to be released late November this year. And not differing much from one of her influences, Beyonce, Adele has made waves with the release of her first track, Hello, a clip off which aired last Saturday during an advert break during The X-Factor, with just white font lyrics, black background, without any name to inform you who it was singing, because unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know what Adele sounds like. Even if you’re not ‘into pop’ or mainstream music, her voice seems to be well known even to those that don’t like her music. Adele

 “Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years You’d like to meet, to go over everything. They say that time’s supposed to heal ya but I ain’t done much healing” 

The lyrics are relevant for a few reasons. The beginning of a heartfelt apology song to an old lover, whom it would seem, she left. However, perhaps the lyrics are an apology to fans, eager to hear music from her for the past three years since Skyfall and four since, 21. After the advert, fans in their millions took to Twitter to rave about the 30 second clip and then, just like that, Adele was relevant and present in commercial music once more.

Confidently in control, Adele has held the heart strings of loyal listeners for a long time, keeping her private life, just that and only briefly releasing glimpses of a promise to new music; a tweet on her birthday in 2014 saying goodbye to 25 and that she would see it later in the year. Nearly two years later, awaiting the album has become tiresome and Adele knows this herself. Forgiven no doubt by her followers and music critics alike however, she posted a letter to her social media outlets explaining life as of late, her inspirations for previous records and why she hasn’t been around for so long.

With a large net worth, an abundance of awards and recognition, she could easily take a few years off to recover from vocal surgery and be with her family or even leave the industry for good, but who wants to retire at 27? Certainly not Adele, who’s passion is ejaculated onto this new record and no doubt most other on the album. The impression is given that if she hadn’t graduated from the BRIT school machine that boosted her career, she would’ve continued anyway until she was successful.

Diagnosed with a vocal cord hemorrhage in late 2011, the emotive singer it would seem, developed a ‘singers worst nightmare’ from perhaps: smoking too much, possible neglect to vocal technique or the fast paced lifestyle she lived prior. After undertaking risky vocal surgery similar to Sam Smith, Julie Andrews and American Football player, Sam Wyche to name a few, the cyst was removed successfully.Adele

Hello contains strong, dark tones of chest resonance that deliver the powerful lyrics to this track. Backed with soft piano and violent bass, she excels effortlessly into the fourth octave of her mezzo-soprano range which extends into the higher end of the fifth octave with ease from good technique. Heights that many never knew were possible. The chorus is tinged with contrast; controlled straight tone as well as her effortless vibrant and vivacious vibrato makes this track a brilliant opener to her third album.

Accompanied by what seems like an Instagram filter over the camera is the video for the song. Starring 90210’s Tristan Wilds and directed by Xavier Nolan, she is seen walking in a field to a house where she begins dusting off old things. And as if, it would seem, she is there to meet an old lover to discuss ‘everything’ it also seems she is dusting off herself, her vocals and her career, which she has placed in a box these past few years. An image to suggest she is preparing herself for super stardom once more. Welcome back Adele. You’ve been sorely missed.


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