SherlockIf you’ve had a chance to see the new Sherlock trailer, you’ll probably be as surprised as anyone else. The BBC has taken the modernised Sherlock we know and love from previous seasons back to its roots; late 19th century London. Perhaps it’s been so long since the last season that BBC thought we wouldn’t notice the change? If that’s the case, they were wrong. Seeing the trailer has not only sparked the near-dormant Sherlock fandom into frenzy, but also brings to mind two very important questions. First, is this change for the better? Second, will it be worth the agonisingly long wait? I interviewed undergraduate students for their opinions.

Super-fan and Loughborough University first year, Hannah Timson, said:

“I think the change of setting and period is quite intriguing as it makes parallels with the old story. It harkens to the classic version of the tale and turns the adaptation back around. I’m excited to see how they’ve done it and if it will be successful! I just think it’s exciting that Watson has a moustache and they’re bringing the hat back!”

Another Sherlock enthusiast and Loughborough University first year, Charlotte Hollinshead, commented:

“The wait was painfully long but hopefully worth it. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been busy with other projects so I can understand it took them a while to find time to film the show. I guess it just adds to the suspense. Hopefully they’ll make up for the long wait by making this season particularly exciting.”

I guess all us Sherlockians will soon find out if distance really does make the heart grow fonder. The last episode aired in January 2014 and now, in October 2015, we finally get word that the wait is almost over. To find out if this drastic change in scenery and long wait has changed Sherlock for the better, keep your eye out for the season premier coming soon.

Arianna Rossi


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