To all the fresh faced first year students starting at Loughborough Uni this year, the Union may appear to have it all. With Stuesdays, Hey Ewe, Universal Thursdays, FND and Suberversion Loughborough’s Student union is undoubtedly among the best in the country. That being said, is the nightlife really all it’s cracked up to be?

union night party freshers smokePlatinum is a popular choice among Freshers, and for good reason. Queue jump before 11.30 means you have time to pre with your friends before waltzing into the club for a free and easy night out. What’s not to love? However for those students no longer on the hub of campus, many  finding themselves with a little more responsibility than first year Platinum is just not an option. This results in long tiring queues, and early curfews for entrance, eliminating the possibility of checking out the nightlife in town before heading to the union.

LSU offers a plethora of choices when it comes to nights out; with vast open spaces and each room boasting an entirely different music scene, it can feel like each room you enter is a new club. This undoubtedly rivals the smaller clubs in town that just fail to compete with the overall size of the union. However, as Freshers you are often shepherded into areas of the union occupied largely by your own hall or your specific sports society. Therefore, although the club itself has a lot to offer, it can often feel like you’re out with the same people in the same place week after week.

Although LSU is guilty of cheesy pop songs, and its early cut off time for entrance makes it nearly impossible to avoid those pesky drinks charges when in the club, here at Loughborough we are lucky to boast one of the biggest, best and downright amazing unions in the Country.

After all Loughborough walks on water!

Lara Townsley


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