Winner: Glenn Fellows with his illustration of The Joker. The theme of this issues’ competition was Superheroes and Villains.

“Hey I’m Glenn Fellows and I’m currently studying International Business so you definitely don’t need to be an art student to get involved in these competitions.12006700_1018664901529224_8980522892601247961_o

I chose to do Heath Ledgers Joker as my entry as I loved the level of detail of the features that I was able to get from the makeup and wrinkles of the character and just thought it would make a good drawing especially just with a HB to hand.

Although I study Business I am a big art fan and had to originally pick between the two subjects, but made sure I kept it up as a hobby. I post all of my work on my Behance Page  when I am able to. My favourite styles are definitely hyperrealism, renaissance styled work and surreal representations of topics like drugs, satire, and psychology.

I am a big comics fan so this competition was really quite fun for me and wish I had had time to do more entries but I look forward to the next competition that Label shall do and will definitely enter again! I recommend Disney sketch or art contest personally!”

Congratulations to Glenn, we look forward to seeing more of his work and of course entries from other students too! Head over to the Label Facebook page for details on current competitions and to view entries. Details for the Issue Two competition can be found here.

(Winners are chosen according to the amount of ‘likes’ their work gets over on our Facebook page.)


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