The final day of move-in saw the best on-campus atmosphere so far. The five remaining halls to move in were excited to get started on their Freshers’, having been absent from the first two Union nights out, and Label were on hand to get all the gossip from the newly filled halls. Read on to find what today’s freshers had to say, and what their plans are for the weeks ahead. First we spoke to Shauna from Rutherford:

What is the most important thing you’ve packed to move away from home?

“That’s a difficult question, but I’m going to say my laptop!”IMG_3795

Do you do any sports you aim to continue here at Loughborough?

“I’m involved with athletics.”

And what are you studying?


Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

“I can’t wait to just get moved in and make new friends.”

We’ll let you get on Shauna! Just one more question, how are you feeling in one word?

“That’s another difficult question… Excited!”

Thanks for speaking to us Shauna, we hope you’re enjoying your new home! Next we took a short wander over to Bakewell, which was a hub of activity this afternoon! There we met James, who’d come all the way from Australia to study in the Loughborough bubble!

Hi, James! What’s the strangest thing you’ve brought with you today?

“Maybe my coffee grinder?”

Well no one else has heard that so it must be strange! Do you do any sports?


No one else has said that either! And what will you be studying come Monday?

“Sport Science, I bet loads of people have said that?”

You would be right, James! What are you most looking forward to?

Definitely meeting new people.

We’ll let you get on with that! Just one more question – how do you feel in one word?

I’m excited, but my Nan is a bit sad to see me go!IMG_3752

You’ll have so many stories to tell her when you next see her, enjoy your Freshers’! Next we stopped off at Telford, which was the busiest hall we had come across so far. With their own resident DJ getting everyone in the mood for Freshers’ (Katie and I even had a little dance ourselves), we got chatting to Lola from Germany:

What’s the most important thing you’ve brought with you today?

“Hmm, maybe my laptop.”

And do you do any sports?

“Yes, horseriding and badminton.”

That’s quite a mix, Lola! Which course will you be studying?

“Chemical Engineering.”

What are you most looking forward to this Freshers’?

“Definitely partying! And also improving my English!”

We think your English is great! Finally, how do you feel in one word?

“Excited, of course!”

Nearing the end of our Freshers’ hall tour, we took a walk over to Central, where we walked into Falk Egg’s chaotic move-in day activities! Students, parents and fresher helpers alike filled the boulevard, but we managed to grad Lydia for a quick chat:

Hi Lydia! How are you feeling today?

“A mixture of emotions, mostly excited!”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve packed?

“I have a number of utensils to help me cook spaghetti which are probably quite strange!” 

Strange but practical! What course are you studying?


And finally what are you most looking forward to?IMG_3833

“Meeting new people.”

We’re sure you’ll meet tonnes! Perhaps even some from The Holt, a hall with a brand new committee and our final hall! Committee members were keen to make the new students feel welcome, and The Holt’s community spirit was clear to see. We asked Chaam, from Syria, a few questions about her first day at Loughborough and her Freshers’ plans:

What’s the most important thing you’ve packed today?

“My laptop.”

What are you studying?

“Publishing and English.”

We study English too, we’ll see your in Martin Hall! Is there anything you are looking forward to this Freshers’?

“Just meeting new people.”

And finally how do you feel in one word?


You’ll have a great Freshers’, Chaam. So that brings to a close our hall tour and we’ve loved chatting to all of you! Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our move-in articles over the past three days. Label wish you all the best for your time at Loughborough!

Photography by Liam Cooke

Interviews conducted by Katie Wilson, Label Editor, and Leanna Kightley, Label Assistant Editor


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