Day two of move-in was well underway by the time Label reached the student village on Wednesday 23rd September! Students from all over the country were filled with a sense of nervous excitement as they moved away from their parents and got ready to immerse themselves in the Loughborough Bubble. We spoke to Emily from Rigg-Rut to find out how she has prepared for the big event:

What is the most important thing you’ve packed to move away from home?

“It has to be my laptop.”

And what are you studying? Butler

“I’ll be doing maths.”

Which night, or part of Freshers are you most looking forward to? 

“I’m really looking forward to the roller-disco at the start of next week because I used to do roller skating!” – we hope you have a great time, Emily.

And in one word, can you describe how you’re feeling?

“A mixture of nervous and excited… apprehensive!”

Next, we moved to Faraday which was a hive of activity by midday! We managed to grab new student Katie for a quick chat:

What is the strangest thing you’ve packed?

“I don’t know, my mum packed my bags!” – that’s very brave of you, Katie!

What are you most looking forward to about the Loughborough experience?

“I’m really looking forward to joining societies, mainly horseriding!”

Which course are you on?

“I’ll be studying accounting.”

And finally, can you describe how you feel in one word?

“Definitely confused, I don’t know where to start!”

After a short walk back through the village we walked into the chaos of a Cayley move-in day! In a quiet corner of the hall though we did manage to find Tom, who told us how he was feeling about the Freshers’ Week ahead: 

Can you tell us the strangest thing you’ve packed?

“Definitely my pig door stop, its an antique!” – we hope it doesn’t get harmed during the madness of Freshers!

What are you studying?LSU_6432

“History, I think it’s quite a new course here.”

Which night out are you most looking forward to?

“I actually can’t wait for The Sing Off.” – we think you’ll have the night of your life, Tom.

Do you do any sports?

“I do cricket, and a little bit of hockey on the side too.”

And how are you feeling in one word?


Clearly Tom was going to throw himself right into Freshers’ Week, but would the freshers be so keen in Butler Court? Of course they would! We caught up with Georgina:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve packed?

“Umm, probably ping pong balls for beer pong.”

What are you studying?LSU_6396

“Aeronautical Engineering.”

And are you doing any sports this year?

“Well not at the moment, I’m on crutches!” – probably for the best, Georgina!

Finally, how are you feeling today?

“Excited to get started!” – I think we are all excited for Freshers’ to really get up and running!

Last but not least, we popped over to Harry French to catch up with their fresher intake and met up with Tom (one of three Toms in his flat) and his parents who were keen to get started on unpacking, but not before we spoke to him!

Which course are you starting?


Will you be taking up any sports here?

“I’ve been involved in karate and basketball in the past, so it would be great to start one of those again!” – you’re in the right place!

Which night are you most looking forward to?

“I’m really excited that Mini-Me from Austin Powers is coming on Thursday.”

How are you feeling in one word?


What’s the most important thing you’ve packed, Tom?

“Probably my physics book, it’s rather important for my course.” – that may be true, but Tom’s dad didn’t agree, he said it must be his crate of beer!

Thank you to everyone who spoke to Katie and I on our travels today; we hope you have an excellent Freshers’! We will be back soon with interviews from the final day of move-in!

Photography by Cameron Small

Interviews conducted by Katie Wilson, Label Editor, and Leanna Kightley, Label Assistant Editor.


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