With Loughborough Freshers just days away, there’s a lot to think about, a lot to plan and a lot to look forward to! One of the final nights of Freshers is the one and only Freshers’ Ball, held in our very own students’ union!suit and tie

Freshers’ Ball is the only formal night of Freshers so why not use it as an excuse to go all out?! Of course we’re not talking ball gowns and a brand new suit – unless you really want to! The ball is still considered as a night out with a jam packed union, tonnes of dancing and endless amounts of food and drink. Oh and Sigma as the headline act!

When it comes to the ladies, comfort must come as a priority! High heels are much encouraged and most will wear them, but remember, Freshers’ Ball is a long night with dancing and much more – so flat shoes are also an option! And guys, the same goes for you but remember to keep it smart and formal!

Dresses are a must when it comes to Freshers’ Ball but if they aren’t exactly your thing you could go for a playsuit or skirt! The rest is up to you – previous years have seen a range of outfits varying from glamor and glitz to simple and sophisticated!heels

Lads – if dresses aren’t your thing either, suits are a safe bet! Whether it be your sixth form prom suit or one from the back of the closet, anything goes! If not, shirts and smart trousers are also a good option for the night! Again, the rest is up to you – bright colours, sparkly accessories or lively patterns, go crazy!

And remember, have fun! Freshers’ Ball is the final night of Freshers, the students’ union and exec have worked very hard to make sure Freshers goes out with a bang!

Check out some photos from last years Freshers’ Ball to get some inspiration.


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