Platinum and Gold

The Platinum and Gold offers were revealed by the Students Union in the LSU Freshers Reveal. It is an offer put on by LSU. They are not necessary for Freshers apart from including entry to the nights out, Freshers Rise & Rave, Roller Disco and more. The full list can be seen at (available to purchase from 1st September and are on a first come, first served basis.)

Platinum and Gold are offers put on by the union where you pay a one off fee so you can get free entry to events through the year as well as drink discounts and extra loyalty points. This year Platinum costs £149 and Gold costs £89. They are not compulsory, but if you speak to anybody currently at Loughborough, they would highly recommend you to get Platinum. Platinum will enable you to get free entry into the union all year round as well as paying for various freshers events and getting drinks offers. Gold gives you free entry on some nights throughout the year and helps you out during freshers- no more fumbling for change at the door on a busy night if you opt for one of these!

Hall Subs

Your hall subs are completely different. As per your contract with the hall, you have to pay a membership of the hall. On top of that, your halls offer a Freshers package that will include all of the events that will be put on and organised by them. This can include nights out, BBQ’s, transport for RAG raids, pre-drinks and whatever they decide to do. Each hall does Freshers differently and they will all cost different amounts. If you ask someone from a different hall how much they’ve paid, it will most likely be quite different to what you have paid- but your Freshers experience will reflect that!


If you are not in a University hall, you can still join in the Freshers fun. All the clubs and union are open to those wanting to take part. But you may feel a bit left out as all the halls wear their Fresher shirts and fancy dress. So most, if not all halls, allow for you to join in their Freshers events by affiliating to the hall. This means you can take part in the halls’ Freshers and other events they put on throughout the year. You can also join in with the IMS teams, action projects, RAG raids and the hall days which are put on around May and June.

Please check out each hall website, Facebook page/group or Twitter for what they are going to be doing and what they have on offer for Freshers!

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Craig Searle


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