The Persecution and Assassination of Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis Sade – otherwise known as Marat/Sade– is being performed by Drama finalists on the 3rd, 4th and 5th June in Martin Hall.

Drawing influence from Bertolt Brecht, Antonin Artaud and Stanislavski, this play encapsulates and exposes many different elements of drama theory and performance study, as well as exploring a historical time-frame; the French Revolution.

This play within a play focuses around the fictionalized figure of the writer – and inmate of Charenton Asylum – Marquis de Sade (played by Francesca Rice).

Sade has written a play in which he and fellow inmates perform for those visiting the Asylum. Under the watchful eye of Columier – the Asylum director- (played by Oliver Rowlatt) the inmates perform Sade’s creation, which is set within the French Revolution, and focuses around the assassination of the revolutionary thinker Jean-Paul Marat (played by Ben Walsh). The play presents the idea of the risks involved in obtaining personal freedoms, and acknowledges that a radical change in the structure of human society must take place, but at a cost.

This production has been entirely student led- from directing, to set designing and building, to marketing and movement. All final year students within this production have committed themselves fully to this creation, and invite you to come and visit the inmates of Charenton Asylum, and decide for yourself whether or not times really have changed.

Performances: Wednesday 3rd June at 1:30pm
Wednesday 3rd June at 7:00pm
Thursday 4th June at 7:00 pm
Friday 5th June at 7:00pm

Watch the trailer here.

Book your tickets here (£5 for students and concessions and £7 adult)

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