Alex Jones 

Like a bad odour that refuses to leave the room even after you’ve left a window open overnight, Nigel Farage is staying as the leader of the UK Independence Party.

Nigel Farage- UKIP Party LeaderAfter previously announcing his resignation, much to the happiness of most voters, the BBC writes that, there was ‘overwhelming evidence that UKIP did not want him to go.’  So, much like an encore for a failing 80s rock band, Mr Farage will be staying with the party, at least for now anyway.

In recent months, UKIP have been gathering a startling number of votes and in the recent General Election, the party came third, behind Conservative and Labour. While he may look a bit like a potato with questionable ethics, Farage is certainly doing something to ignite interest in the voting public.

However, despite the party’s success, Farage didn’t manage to win a seat in Thanet South, so it’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows for the party.

Farage may not be my favourite person, but I suppose you have got to admire his perseverance – so, good luck for the future, Nige.


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