Not voted yet? Don’t think you’ll bother? Think again. 2015-exec-by-electionspurple

Following the recent and disastrous Earthquakes in Nepal, LSU have pledged to donate 50p in Aid to the Nepal cause for every vote that is cast. Surely you couldn’t live with that on your conscience? You don’t even have to donate the money yourself, but this is still a great way to be able to look at the news on Nepal and know that LSU have helped in some way.IMG_0007

50p may not sound a lot. However, if every one of you who voted in the last election (over 7000), then over £3500 would be donated to the cause! Imagine if every student voted…

Voting for the Exec By- Elections closes at 4pm on Wednesday, click here to have your say and donate 50p NOW!

Photography from the Chinese Society gathering, read more on Nepal from Jenna Holmes here


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