Emily Murfitt looks at the 10 different types of Facebook status! 

In a time where social media has infiltrated society, Facebook, which boasts over 1.3 billion active users is almost definitely something that you have heard of before. As such a widely used network it is inevitable that types of status will make an appearance. So here we are, with what I believe to be the 10 types of Facebook status.

1- The Announcer

The announcers embodies the Facebook user that seriously answers the little enticing question in the Facebook box, the Literal ‘What are you doing?’, ‘What’s on your mind?’ The type of person that believes that his or her entire newsfeed may benefit from the knowledge that they are ‘waiting for bus’ or that forget you also have an ability to see that ‘It’s snowing’.

2- The Overachiever

On occasion it is rather enthralling to share the fact that you have succeeded in something, after all, what is Facebook if you cannot share elements of your life? However, in the overachiever’s case EVERY status is a vessel to expose their talent. Be it a half marathon or a 7th piano exam, every status takes the form of a successful life event.

3- The Lyricist

You all know the one, lyrics off their favourite song, lyrics that adhere to their mood, lyrics that most probably nobody cares to see.

4- The Philosopher

Similar to the lyricist, the Philosopher indulges in the contribution of Ghandi’s worldly wisdom to adorn the lesser minded among their news feed. You know, ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ and all that.

5- The Never-ending Gap Year

You’ve all seen them, on a long day of studying ‘checked in at- Camp Winaka, San Diego’, ‘just landed in Thailand’. The Never-ending Gap Year is the Facebook user that makes you both irritated and jealous; why are you never home? I wish I could travel right now…

6- Mr or Mrs Emotional

The next status has been plagued by the Facebook update of everyone’s favourite ‘feelings’ button. Facebook has really seen a surge of the attention seekers with this one! ‘Kathy* is feeling sad’, ‘Jim* is feeling lost’. No one cares.

7- The Throwbacks

Aided by the invention of apps like ‘timehop’ many Facebook users continue to hop back in time, not once, not twice, but every single status. Accompanied by pictures of babies or embarrassing school photos this Facebook user delights in savouring past memories and perhaps more annoyingly, delights in tagging you in that memory too! Some photos really should stay in the past.

8- The lovey dovey status

Whenever Valentine’s Day draws near, avoiding a romantic status will prove nigh impossible, but I’m talking about the Facebook user that does not stop at Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. This user takes the form of a rare breed that knows no limits in the public display of his or her affection. No amount of words, tags, or pictures will suffice for this sickeningly sweet status.

9- The Grammar Nazi’s worst nightmare

For all of you Grammarians out there, this status is your worst kind of nightmare. The kind that leaves you twitching to resist the urge to correct. Whether perpetrated in sheer laziness or in an effort to look ‘cool’, this kind of status is by far the most annoying.

10- The Comedian

Probably the most likeable kind of status, adding a little light-hearted joke to your day. This user provides a break from the remaining 90% of annoying utterances in your news feed.

So there we have it, the 10 types of Facebook status!

Emily Murfitt


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