Voting has now closed and the full exit polls for all voting days will be released on our Live Results TV Show. We’re going live from the VIP party in JC’s from 12-midnight tonight and will then go over to Room 1 for the official announcement at

As a little taster, here are Monday’s exit poll results. Participants were asked to select their first preference vote in each poll:

Position Candidate Day 1
Union President Edward Reckless 52.23%
Adam Sellers 14.25%
RON 32.53%
VP Action Rosie Harvey 89.93%
RON 10.61%
VP Education Kailey Hazeldene 79.40%
RON 20.60%
VP Finance & Commercial Services James Bowker 70.00%
Charlie Staunton 26.77%
RON 3.23%
VP Media Bryn Wilkes 74.43%
RON 25.57%
VP Rag Rachael Lynch 50.79%
Andy Tribe 34.29%
Robyn Varley 11.43%
RON 3.49%
VP Societies Jenna Holmes 55.78%
Leoni Seville 19.80%
Alex Williams 20.79%
RON 3.63%
VP Sport Tom Hickson 29.95%
Tom Haslam 28.29%
Lauren Gough 4.49%
Luke Thomson 36.77%
RON 0.50%
VP Union Affairs Max Crawford 94.63%
RON 5.37%
VP Welfare & Diversity Gemma Lomas 43.51%
Steph Noble 50.32%
RON 6.17%

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