Axelle Savary was on the Bubble Debate Panel last week. She gives Label her opinions on the candidates one week on…  

It’s been a long week, a nightmare on social media for us as well as our friends and family back home. They won’t have a clue why they are looking at people they don’t know in stupid costumes asking for votes. It’s now nearly over and after a large amount of people knocking on my door asking for my vote, I thought I’d share my opinions on all of the candidates…

Union President -Edward Reckless vs. Adam Sellers

Union Presidential Candidates

I think Ed’s experience says it all. He has clearly worked hard over his last 4 years and has some great ideas. He has been strong throughout the week and was especially strong during the debate. Despite the shake up of the audience question, he held his own and did himself proud.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Barmy Army- I remember reading Adam’s manifesto and thinking it had to be a joke. He had some good points, but I just wish he had asked someone to write it for him.

VP Education -Kailey Hazeldene

VP Education Candidate Debate

I think it’s quite difficult as a voter when candidates are uncontested, because if you disagree with some points you haven’t got anyone to compare it to. Yes, R.O.N. is an option but it’s also the unknown, you don’t know who you could end up with and that could be worse than disagreeing with a few points.

I was unsure about Kailey last week; I disagreed with some points on her manifesto and didn’t see how they were possible when factoring in budget and space. But having spoken with some of her team, I really think she knows what she is doing!

VP College

Called it …

The role is new and this year Gayathri Seneviratne has done an amazing job! I really believe, especially for the first few years, that we need strong candidates like G. to engage the college students. Make sure you keep an eye on @EE2015_Rumours on Twitter to see who might be going for the interview… I hear some big names are after the role.

VP Action – Rosie Harvey

VP Action Candidate Debate

Love her.

I think Rosie is fantastic and knows what the role is about. I have absolutely no doubt that she will be incredible!

VP Media – Bryn Wilkes

VP Media Candidate Debate

Don’t get me started on the R.O.N. campaign …

I think Bryn has done a fabulous job in the past year. If he attains the role of being on Exec again next year it will be good for LSU Media and has the potential to make the section even stronger.

VP Union Affairs – Max Crawford

VP Union Affairs Candidate Debate

I think Max will do an amazing job. He smashed the debate and his campaign has been strong throughout. His team have been amazing- I think you owe them a lot of drinks Max.

VP Sport – Lauren Gough vs. Tom Haslam vs. Tom Hickson vs. Luke Thomson

VP Sports Candidate Debate

Oh boy, well this is one of the hardest choices I have had to make since choosing my GCSEs.

Luke Thomson and his team have been out in force, I have seen them out all the time, and all over campus.

Tom Hickson has a strong theme and strong people behind him! But I haven’t seen as much as I would like of his presence around campus- but maybe that’s because I’m not in the village.

Tom Haslam has surprised me in a good way. I wasn’t that impressed with him in the debate if I’m honest. However, he has really pulled out the big guns this week. I spoke to him for a bit while door knocking; and he has great ideas.

Lauren Gough, I think she is lovely, a strong candidate and did brilliantly in the debate last week! But I think she has gotten a bit lost in the crowd being against three other candidates.

VP Rag – Rachael Lynch vs. Robyn Varley vs. Andy Tribe

Rachael has been really strong; she impressed me the most in the debate and clearly has the experience and skills.VP Rag Candidate Debate

Andy has some real BNOCs backing him alongside a strong theme. He was great on the debate but I just don’t think he is quite there yet, for me any way.

Robyn’s ban at the start really can’t have helped her campaign. This position is so competitive and it put her on the back bench. She knows the position and has experience, but I haven’t seen much from her and I think it’s a real shame.

VP Finance – James Bowker vs. Charlie Staunton

VP Finance Candidate Debate


James, ex- Cayley Hall Chair has a lot of advantages as a candidate; he has a lot of people behind him and has done a great job over the 2 last years. His team has been out in force every day and night this week.

Charlie surprised me a lot in the Bubble Debate. In comparison to James, he isn’t known in the same circles. Nonetheless, he has put in the research for this role and I believe he would know what he was doing if he were to win.

VP Societies – Jenna Holmes vs. Leoni Seville vs. Alex Williams

VP Societies Candidate Debate

Jenna has put in a lot of ground work. I think her theme is fantastic and has been used well. I can tell she is very head strong and has determination, but I think this could hinder her.

I was relatively impressed with Leoni in the debate but she didn’t really shine until a few days later when I was speaking to some of her pups- I was impressed with how they represented her.

I really wish I had seen more of Alex but I think that’s the downside of living in Butler. As a small self- catered hall on the East side of campus, we can often be forgotten about. I think you have to keep the small halls in mind as every vote matters.

VP Welfare & Diversity – Gemma Lomas vs. Steph Noble

VP W&D Candidate Debate

This is the battle of the year; I have been, and still am, totally undecided between the two of them!

I think both Gemma and Steph are massively strong candidates, both having the relative experience in the section as well as other sections too. Either of the candidates would do a great job in the section… I honestly think it’s too close to call!

I am so excited for the results night now.


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