Label online has found Union President Candidate Edward Reckless is subject to a Union Entertainments ban for the duration of campaigning due to an allegation of assault that occurred on a Union night. Reckless’ ban comes to an end on 5th March.

Reckless has provided the following statement:Edward Reckless - Candidate for Union President

The following is written to provide my own account to clear up any speculation and misinterpretations.  The events discussed are well outside the nature of my character, and it is not a circumstance that reflects my ability to carry out the role as Union President.

What is the current situation regarding the Union evening events?
I am currently on the live ban list for the Union evening entertainment events, which is unfortunately going to last for the duration of the Exec Election campaign period until results night.  Regretfully, I have been banned due to out of character behaviour on a night where I consumed far too much alcohol.  This resulted in me conducting myself poorly and in an intoxicated state, following which I was escorted out of the venue.

Without trying to excuse my behaviour, I have since taken the appropriate actions and would again like to reiterate my sincerest apologies to the Union, its staff and all people involved.  I would like to use this opportunity to extend my apologies to those involved and those it has had an impact on, and encourage people that this shows no reflection on the type of person I really am.

What is the effect on your eligibility and ability to run for President?
Whilst I am aware of the difficulties this may present with campaigning, I do not feel this has any bearing on my ability to fulfil the role of president.  On reflection of my first experience being ejected from the students union, it has allowed me to learn and move on from my mistakes, and ensure that moving forward it will not happen again.  If nothing else, I have matured and grown from the experience and feel that this improves my candidacy.

It is important to consider the array of roles and positive impact I have had during my time at Loughborough, which will not detract from my ability to be a great president.  It is proven from obtaining the awards for both Hall Chair and Committee of the year that prove my leadership abilities, personable and supportive nature, and that I do not doubt myself as the best candidate for the role.

While I may not be allowed inside the Union to campaign during the evenings, I can assure you that this has only motivated me further to campaign harder and longer, as many of you will have seen throughout social media and the university.  I will still have a strong presence inside the Union and maintain a solid campaign throughout, and I urge everyone to follow me, ask me questions and I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the campaign period.

Reckless will appear on tonight’s Bubble Debate, watch live from 7pm on

Edward Reckless


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