In keeping with the Label competition themes, Decembers theme was Christmas. We had a range of illustrations and the winner was by Eireni with her Christmas Bus illustration.


Name: Eireni Moutoussi

Course/ Year: Part B

Favourite material/medium to work with: Digital painting with a graphics tablet (Intuos5 Pro 2012, Gimp and/or Photoshop and/or Krita).

Idea for illustration: The things that remind me of christmas are cold weather and travelling. The cold weather then brings to mind cuddling important people, pink fingers, overly thick layers of clothes and hot drinks. The colours of the view when travelling are also a key image when I think of christmas. Seasonal decorations tend to be an afterthought.

Potential career choice: Concept environment designer/ key colour artist for games/films.

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A note from you: The most important part of an image that I create is the use of colour and lighting to evoke a feeling or temperature. More often than not, the composition of an image is started by basic blocks of colour and shade, to map out the canvas; this is the case even for images that are finally rendered as line drawings. In this particular case, thumbnails were designed with pencil on paper, but the drawing itself started directly on the computer: I very rarely scan drawings. When I am comfortable with the lineart, I invert it and convert it into a mask of a layer or lock transparency, which I can then paint on freely so that the lines are coloured.


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