The second Label illustration competition was Halloween themed.

Aisha Thornton who, instead of focusing on a conventional idea, captured an alternative view of Halloween in her winning illustration.

Aisha Thornton

Name: Aisha Thornton

Course/ Year: Illustration 3rd year

Favourite material/medium to work with: I’m a big fan of inks and watercolours, and working in photoshop. But I like to mix it up and over my whole degree I’ve worked in a very wide range of media; I feel it’s important to have a wide skill-set rather than pigeon hole myself.

Idea for illustration: I think that the most exciting thing about halloween is the fancy dress, and for girls this means letting out your inner temptress! The quote is from mean girls, I thought it framed what I wanted to say perfectly. It was only after I’d drawn the playboy bunny that I realised that’s what Regina wears in that scene in the film!

Potential career choice: I am passionate about designing prints for swimwear.

Links to Website/Social Media:

A note from you: I’m fairly unique as one of the few elite athletes who studies Illustration; I’m a swimmer and my photo is up on the lamppost banners around campus as I went to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow representing team Scotland. It was a huge achievement for me as it’s something I’ve been working towards my whole life. Swimming does make my course so much harder though as it’s so time consuming; I roughly spend 24hours a week training, and that doesn’t include the time spent getting ready for sessions and recovering afterwards. No late night working for me; I’m too tired all the time. To top it off I often lose whole weekends to racing at a competition! It’s so tough to find the time for my degree but juggling a busy schedule is a good skill in itself for later life. Swimming has also opened many doors, and provided great opportunities and experiences. I do sometimes wish I could take part in more of the sports and societies on offer here at Loughborough, so I’d advise everyone who reads this to think twice before you say you don’t have the time to do things; it’s worth the extra effort!


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