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Freshers 2014 is here and Label Features have got freshers to write about their expectations for the hectic fortnight and first year ahead of them!

As a fresher I guess the most prominent and widely sought expectation is that of a ‘crazy’ fresher’s week. I’m expecting a whole new definition to ‘pre-drinks’ with an introduction to drinking games that I didn’t even know existed! I’m anticipating freedom as I leave home for the first time and the excitement of meeting my new flat mates. As an English undergrad I’m also awaiting lots of hard work and perhaps a morning struggle to find a suitable spot in the library! However, the expectation that I will have so many opportunities at University is that of which I am most excited. I can’t wait to meet new people, try new activities, take part in different events, and reconcile with the perhaps not so unfamiliar faces on my reading list.

By Emily Murfitt

As I sit here typing this in the very home I grew up in, I can clearly say that I believe I am leaving all that I know behind. I am leaving my modest support system and stable job with the aspiration of being the person who I’ve always dreamed about being.

I hope I don’t sound too philosophical; but I truly believe university is what you make it to be and I hope it will be life changing. I am open to the new experiences which studying at university will provide me.

From Freshers week I expect to meet a variety of individuals from across the world who I may establish friendships with. I look forward to an introduction to university life, whereby I will be forced to recognise how independent I can be. Therefore, I clearly expect and believe Freshers week to be an event which will challenge you personally.

By Mauranda Lewis

I have high hopes for my university experience, but I know Loughborough will meet my expectations as it is the perfect place for me. I am looking forward to gaining a sense of independence through living away from home for the first time. University also offers a chance to get involved in a plethora of societies and expand my knowledge outside of the classroom, as well as meeting a range of new people. Moreover, I am excited to start my course and will enjoy studying my favourite subject. Like many students, I am looking forward to freshers week, particularly seeing Example, Greg James and Proudlock from Made in Chelsea.

By Jordan Barrett



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