By Pippa Searle

  1. Invest in a door stop: sounds trivial, but keeping your door open during the day is a great way to get to know your new flat-mates and get a sociable atmosphere in the
  2. Do fancy dress properly: enough said really, these freshers nights will be so crazy and memorable, so you may as well go all in!
  3. Take it easy some nights: some of you hard-core freshers may not need this one, but it is important to let yourself have a night off/sober once in a while – you’ll be able to enjoy your freshers so much more if you aren’t dying by the end of it!
  4. Take photos! It’s better to be out enjoying the night than in the bathroom taking selfies, but make sure you do have some great pics to remember these weeks (as your own memory might be slightly fuzzy…)
  5. Get involved with your hall: whether it’s an action project, rag-raid, or playing for IMS, your hall can offer you so many great experiences, so at least try them once!
  6. Hangover food: you’ll soon find a sure-fire fix to help ease any remnants of the night before, so once you’ve discovered your personal tonic, be sure to prepare in   advance of a messy one!
  7. Societies: the range of societies at Loughborough is fantastic so take advantage and try out things you’ve never done before with great groups of people – you may discover a natural talent you didn’t know you had!
  8. Don’t miss lectures: skipping a 9am after a heavy night can be so tempting, but these first few lectures will help get you into a routine, and you’ll find that the 9ams at the end of term are far more difficult to get up for, so push yourself to go while you still can!
  9. Budget buying: when your student loan comes in, it’s easy to feel like Jay-Z! But remember, scrimping now means you’ve got more money to spend later (on books, and definitely not clothes and alcohol…)
  10. Enjoy it! Loughborough does freshers like no other uni, so don’t let your fortnight pass you by in a crazed whirl of take-aways and hangovers – let yourself really appreciate the amazing time that you WILL be having!

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