jazzing up student room (source= weheartit.com)

By Katie Wilson

Moving into a new room can be fairly daunting and not particularly homely. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your room so you need it to be a great space that represents you! Putting your own stamp on your room is essential for feeling more comfortable and leaving your new flatmates in awe!

1: Bring a few things from home. We all have little ornaments or mementoes that can remind us of home as well as help to decorate our new rooms. Great for windowsills and your shelves to add colour, character and interest!

2: Colourful bedding and cushions are great ways to instantly add a pop of colour in your room. Choose your favourite colour to base your room on or be super bright and go for bold patterns and a combination of colours. A great way to brighten up what would ordinarily be a slightly dull room!

3: Lampshades; you may have a chance to switch the lampshade in your room. Not all student rooms will give you this option but a desk lamp could work as an alternative! Candles are generally a no go area, but painted glass jars or tea light holders would be great for decorative purposes on shelves or on your desk!

4: Fairy lights are particularly cute, not necessarily very masculine but there are tonnes of different lights and shapes to choose from. Might be a good plan to check that you’re allowed them in halls or at your house, but they’re a lovely way to add a bit of sparkle. Bunting is a great alternative and you could even make it yourself if you have some material and sewing skills!

5: Posters and photos are the ultimate way to bring your favourite memories to uni with you! White tac is the best way to display them on walls or a lot of student rooms have a display board…so use some colourful pins! Stand- alone photo frames are a must have if you want to save your space on your display board for posters or a wall calendar!

Enjoy decorating and make that space your own!


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