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By Jess Excell

It creeps up on you when you least expect it. One minute you’re out on the town busting outrageous moves on the dance floor like nobody has ever seen and then suddenly, you’ve been hit; Freshers’ Flu.

With thousands of students arriving in one place from different parts of the U.K, as well as parts of the world, combined with drinking copious amounts of cheap alcohol, a limited amount of sleep and a diet consisting of Papa Si’s takeaways and morning hangover bacon sandwiches, it’s not surprising that we all end up feeling like we’ve caught the plague. And as your mum isn’t around to give you the undivided attention and love that you’re used to, here are some top tips to get you through it alone.

* Sleep – You’ve probably been out every single night, stumbling into bed at a ridiculous hour after an evening of chanting, dancing and energetic activities. If you are overly tired then your immune system is likely to be weaker, so get into your OWN bed and make sure you’re getting enough proper rest.

* Eat – Since you started University, chances are you’ve not seen a piece of fruit on your plate, in fact, you’ve probably forgotten what a carrot looks like. However, it is never too late to remember mums old nag, ‘eat your greens’ and fill your body with the vitamins it craves.

* Drink – By this, I don’t mean vodka, beer, cider, tequila, gin, or any other alcoholic beverage you can get your hands on, I mean good old-fashioned H2O. Freshers’ Flu blocks your body with a ton of toxins, and it’s important to keep hydrated in order to cleanse and flush them out of your system. In addition, you could always go out and not drink, or go on some of the great alternative freshers events run by the University, so you can still get involved and have fun, without terrorising your weakened body further.

* Stay clean! – When you’re ill, you are covered in germs and therefore, it is vital that you wash your hands frequently to stop these germs from spreading to others. Be polite and cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing and try to refrain from sharing the germs via tongues on nights out … I know that guy/girl is very attractive but you’ve got a long time at University to share the love.

* See the Doctor – In case you really think you’re close to death, there is always the University Doctor. The following link is to the University’s Medical Centre page, and it will talk you through how to register if you haven’t done so already:

Finally, as you only get to be a fresher once, don’t let Fresher’s Flu get you down! Everyone will feel this way at one point or another, it’s inevitable, so rest up, get well, and get back out there and enjoy everything Loughborough has to offer!


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