As many of Loughborough’s sporting successes are witnessed on the various pitches and fields across campus, it’s easy to forget about sporting successes achieved indoors. One such success team is the Loughborough Students Gymnastics team, headed by coach Gheorghe Predescu.

With gymnasts competing at both national and international level, the team are never far from their next competition. The individuals that make up the team are no strangers to victory, with their most recent success coming in the form of the 2014 BUCS Gymnastics, to which they sent 11 male and 15 female competitors across all three competitive levels.

Both the Women’s Level 2 Team (made up of Ellis Jarvis, Sally Morrison, Olivia Blatch, Mary Elcock, Brogen Roberts, Carmen Horvat and Ellie Shovlin) and Men’s A Team (made up of Will Trood, Chris O’Connor, Harry Owen, Jaron Morgan and Rob Sansby) won gold, while the Men’s B Team (made up of Emrys Price, Matt O’Connor, Cristian Tambo, Alex Williams and Anthony Smith) came third and won the bronze medal. In terms of individual medals, among 13 team members, 49 medals were won including 17 gold medals.

When it comes to national, European and international competitions, Loughborough are never short of talented individuals to send to compete, with several athletes competing in the upcoming Gymnastics World Cup, European Gymnastics Championships, Irish Championships, World Championships, Welsh Championships and British Championships.

It is clear that the hard work each and every individual put into the team, including training upwards of 26 hours a week, certainly pay off.

Ella Stanbrook


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