I for one regularly check my horoscope for the day, week, or month despite thinking that they’re most probably irrelevant to my life. The way in which astrologers write makeS us think that our horoscopes are totally personalised and don’t apply to everyone who was born under the same sign as we were.

Astrologers use the signs to predict our future, and we do our best to pitch our own lives onto what they are saying, usually with success as we try to find any element of our work, social or love lives to fit the rather generic prediction that is given.

The generalisations are one of the reasons why the readings cannot realistically be true for everyone. However, astrology is primarily based around science, so is there actually some truth behind the horoscopes? Astrology uses the movements and positions of heavenly bodies to makes predictions such as what sort of mood people of particular signs may be in, or how they may be likely to react to difficult situations that they could face. Despite this minimal link to science and perhaps truth, many people live up to the characteristics that are supposed to match their star sign, but equally other people can see the traits in their peers too, if they know what sort of things they’re looking for.

Some people believe that astrologers don’t predict what will happen, but that they simply guide us, or inform us as to why things are happening. Astrology becomes more of a choice, even the astrologer Jonathon Cainer said that it “is not about destiny”. Horoscopes are there for us to read whether we choose to or not. Astrological ideas are published everywhere now, from newspapers to apps and twitter accounts, they really are easily accessible. It is up to the individual how much they wish to believe and decide upon, if anything at all! Some things may be coincidentally true, or maybe you just happen to be able to project your own life onto the prediction, because you want it to be true; but surely there’s no harm, even if there is a lack of validity…?

Katie Wilson


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