Name: Danni Hitchins

Hall: Royce

Course: Politics

Running For: RAG Chair

As current Vice-Chair of the section, Danni Hitchins is no stranger in the RAG office. Having been involved in RAG ever since her first year at Loughborough, you can’t fault her on her knowledge and experience. With an end goal of beating the one million pound target, Hitchins aims to increase student involvement in RAG through cooperating with AU Clubs as well as the Societies Federation. Something you may not know about this candidate? Every year up until last year, she takes a group of about 60 sick and disabled people on a pilgrimage. It’s fair to say her heart is in the right place.

1.       Why are you running for this position?

When I first joined uni, I got involved with RAG very early on, and it honestly has been the biggest part of my uni experience. The people are just great.

2.       What makes you more suited than other candidates?

I think through my role as vice chair, I have got a good understanding of all the different roles within the rag committee. Within my role I didn’t specialise with either internal or external, I have the broad scope of it all. My position, I got to work really closely with the RAG reps, so I know the troubles they have and what they want to change. I think I could implement what the reps want and represent them

3.       Tell us a bit about your campaign theme.

My theme is despicable Danni, so I am doing a lot of minions and yellow. My team are my minions. My whole campaign is based around them. They’ll be a big part of it, and I want to stress team work, so I hope it comes across like that.

4.       What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

I have five key points. My main point is employability, I am stressing there is a lot you can gain from RAG if you get involved. We have just employed an employability officer this last year and I think the role could definitely be extended. I don’t think it should just be for RAG reps, I think it should be any one who has taken part in RAG then could benefit from employability skills.

5.       In one sentence, why should people vote for you?

I think I'm very in touch with how to change rag for the better and develop what is already there. I have already spoken to a lot of the reps, doing 1 on 1s with them and I think making their job easier will definitely help rag as a whole and I think I am the person to do that.


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