Name: Zoe Mumba

Hall: William Morris

Course: English

Running For: VP Welfare and Diversity

Zoe Mumba’s campaign for VP Welfare and Diversity and her aims for the role were thorough and clear. Her passion for the role came across in her responses and her previous experiences, as well as the creative theme she chose for her campaign, which we guarantee will bring some colour to the campus within the campaigning weeks. Zoe’s ideas of holding a ‘Pick A Section’ night, drawing on the successes of RAG and Action’s events, as well as her ambition to use the inter-hall competitiveness to encourage student involvement in the group were, we thought, clever and inventive because of their basis in strong parts of Loughborough’s student life. All that remains is whether you too think she is the right fit for the job.

1.       Why are you running for this position?

Because I’ve always had an interest in things linked to welfare and diversity like mental health, sexual health, women’s issues. Because I joined the Welfare committee this year, this academic year, I’ve become much more involved with it. I’ve seen how campaigns have been run and what issues have been dealt with and what could possibly be dealt with in the future. I think having that active involvement with it has encouraged me to apply for it.

2.       What makes you more suited than other candidates?

I also write articles about stuff like that anyway so it might help having that background knowledge, for me, in that regard. Also I think because I’m quite open as well, I’m not afraid to talk about issues. I’m obviously aware that it can be quite sensitive, but I’m quite open and I just want to help improve people’s welfare through it basically.

3.       Can you tell us about your campaign theme and how you decided it?

My campaign theme is Rainbow. I decided it simply because, obviously, diversity, lots of different colours and also because it relates to LGBT in terms of gay pride. That’s really important as well because I’m taping into different areas of welfare, because it’s not just about different ethnicities and cultures, it’s also about different sections of societies, and that’s why I chose Rainbow.

4.       What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

I think increasing student involvement. I think Welfare and Diversity is, in terms of being called Welfare and Diversity, is a very new section. It’s been called Welfare and Education before and it’s been a good role before. But Welfare and Diversity as a VP role is very new. I think Georgie Court and Izzie have done an amazing job building it up and establishing events which are now getting recognised as welfare events. But I think the focus in the future needs to be on student involvement. Because I think, at the moment, a lot of people think the only way you can be involved properly, is by being on committee. So that’s something I would want to change if I was elected.

5.       Could you tell us, in one sentence, why people should vote for you?

People should vote for me because I feel like I’m a positive person; I feel like I have the right ideas to help bring Welfare and Diversity forward as a section.


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