The cold of the winter is approaching and Scandinavians are naturally prepared for that. In the knee-high snow and -20°C you need the right gear.

Winter coats can be very pricey but you don’t survive without one. A good coat is an investment that will keep you warm for years. Right now very fashionable are coats that are “too big” and baggy but have graphic cuts, like showy collars or sleeves. This allows you to add layers underneath it. Coats come in all colours and you see bright yellow too, but most Scandinavians opt for black anyway.

Scandinavians usually own massive arsenals of accessories like hats, mittens and scarves to have something new and interesting for every occasion. If you have buried yourself in a massive coat, other pieces make you stand out. That’s why there are so many colours and shapes and sizes and bobbles.

One quality comes, however, above all others: the material. In the cold of the Nordic winter you can’t wear fabrics that don’t insulate warmth efficiently. Wool is traditional and doesn’t lose out to new artificial textiles. You can find it in shops but Christmas markets are usually great places to find woollen, perhaps even hand-made items. Angora wool is good to give a fluffy look. Alpaca is very warm and a material of high value. In jumpers cashmere is good because it does not tickle against bare skin.

When it comes to fashion, Scandinavians are generally modern and open-minded but also very practical. Covering your head and keeping your toes warm are the most important things to remember. So good luck with your survival and don’t forget to drink something hot too!

Nora Luoma


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