7 Favourite Christmas Games

In my family Christmas would not be Christmas without at least at least one family game a day. This can come in any form whether it be a board game, a card game or any other type of game. For the half-way point of our Christmas countdown, with only 7 days to go, I have compiled a list of my all-time favourite games to play with my family at Christmas time.

1.       Articulate

Top of the list is of course, everyone’s favourite, Articulate. Described as “the fast talking description game”, it is simple, fun, but above all it gets the heart racing.

2.       Wizard

One of the best, and more unusual card games around. Wizard may not be in the list of traditional card games, but it is certainly one worth buying and learning. Based around estimating the number of ‘tricks’ you think you will win per round, it takes a combination of luck and clever game tactics to be victorious at Wizard.

3.       Drawing Charades

A perfect game for the youngsters, but certainly NOT one to play after your Christmas meal. Drawing Charades follows the same concept as standard Charades and Articulate, however in two teams, the words are drawn rather than described or acted out. One player acts as the list-master, who compiles the list of words to draw, and the other players have to run to and from the list-master to find out the next word to draw.

4.       Monopoly

One to play perhaps only on days where there are no other plans, as a game of Monopoly can often turn into a marathon of Monopoly, with games lasting anywhere between 1 and 4 hours. Nonetheless, Monopoly remains a family favourite, with just the right amount of luck, tactics and of course, fun.

5.       What’s in the Bag

What’s in the Bag is almost identical to Articulate, but without the cards, counters and board. It has a more personal feel as the players themselves think up the words to be described. A quick, easy and of course very enjoyable game for the whole family.

6.       Spoons

Want to bring out the competitive spirit in even the most timid of characters? Suggest a game of Spoons. Using simply a pack of cards and a handful of kitchen tablespoons, it is a simple yet adrenalin triggering game.

7.       Perudo

Want to put your mathematical skills to the test this Christmas? Chose Perudo as your family game. Perudo is a popular dice game originating from Latin America, where players have to guess how many dice there are on the table showing a certain number. A more unusual one, but an interesting an thought-provoking new one to try this year.

Click on the name of each game for more information and instructions for how they are played


Ella Stanbrook


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