Twitter is a massive social networking site, something people use to find out about celebrities' lives, what they're up to, and when they are releasing a new film or album. So, who are the five most followed celebs on twitter at the moment?

5: Taylor Swift: 37.2 million followers.

American Singer-Songwriter Taylor Swift has quite an impressive base of followers, despite following just over a hundred people herself. Quite a close contender at six is YouTube, with only 400,000 less followers. She isn't a close contender for the fourth spot though!

4: Barack Obama; 40.2 million followers.

The President of the US usually has his account managed by "Organising for Action Staff", but occasionally tweets himself, to which followers get particularly excited when seeing the signature "-bo". In the last three months, his follower count has increased by almost five million, whereas Lady Gaga seems to have come to a halt.

3: Lady Gaga; 40.7 million followers.

Previously top of the charts in terms of music (and twitter followers), Lady Gaga has dropped to third place in follower rankings. The ex-Queen of Twitter was first to hit 10 million and 20 million followers, doubling her follower count in 10 months and gaining an average of 900,000 a month. Unfortunately for her, she has only gained 500,000 followers in the last two months and is way behind second place.

2: Justin Bieber; 47.4 million followers.

Despite gaining over two million new followers since August, and after overtaking Lady Gaga nine months ago, Bieber has lost his spot as the most followed star on twitter after being overtaken by Katy Perry at the beginning of November. However, unlike Perry, Bieber does follow many of his fans back, following a huge 120,000 twitter users!

1: Katy Perry; 48.0 million followers.

And finally, we reach the top spot. Current champion, you can hear her roar! Singer Katy Perry has recently gained this title surrounding the excitement of the release of her new album. All that remains is to see if she can hold the title, and who will reach the massive 50 million follower figure first.

Katie Wilson


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