This is perhaps one of the cheapest meals, as many of the ingredients have a long shelf life. It’s perfect for those poor days before loan day, because you can add and take away the optional vegetables and meat.

1.     Measure a quarter cup of rice and place in a saucepan with two cups of boiling water and a vegetable stock cube. Place on the hob.

2.     In a frying pan, fry one finely chopped clove of garlic in a little oil or butter. Chop and add one small or half a medium onion. Try not to let the garlic burn. Feel free to add any more veg if you feel like it, such as mushrooms or peppers. Onion, garlic and rice cooked in a stock cube is tasty enough.

3.     Cut up one pork chop and add to the pan. You can buy a six pack of these in the ‘Three for £10’ deal at Tesco. Simply separate all the chops on the day of purchase and wrap individually in foil to freeze.

4.     Cook these on both sides, adding a little pepper, salt and any other if you have them: lemon juice, paprika or chilli flakes –the random options add a nice flavour.

5.     When they are cooked, pour the rice and water (which should be nearly done) into the frying pan. Cook this until all of the water has been absorbed.

6.     You can then add tablespoon of cream cheese, a sliced tomato and a handful of spinach when the mixture has cooked (again, these are optional, and try not to let the tomatoes and spinach go soggy, so you put them in last).

7.     Serve on a plate and eat

Emma Spencer


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