We’re all guilty of this, whether we mean it or not, some words and phrases that are used are so annoying that we wonder why they ever existed in the first place. Label’s Music Editor Matt Bourne counts down the five words and phrases that really grind his gears

5. The phrase: ‘so much work’

The context (usually in exam or essay period): “Oh my goodness I can’t believe I have so much work on” “How can you be relaxing I’ve got so much work!”

Why it’s so annoying:

For some reason, we all seem to love complaining about the work we have to do, some more so than others. Realistically, everyone at some point in their degree is going to do a fair bit of work. The people who truly suffer at the hands of this phrase are those who are doing work whilst the person complaining is actually doing no work themselves.

4. The word: ‘sick’

Context: “That was so sick”“Went out last night it was sick”

Why it’s so annoying:

Some time ago, the word ‘sick’ usually meant that somebody was ill. It would be nice to find out how this happened and who was responsible for it as people are now causing mass confusion with phrases such as ‘she’s sick’ and ‘that dinner was sick’. There’s really no need. 

3. The word: Any word with its syllables cruelly removed

Context: “Mate, she’s deece”“That’s so cray”

Why it’s so annoying:

Two words that are proud members of the syllable-shortening club, ‘cray’ and ‘deece’ get on everyone’s nerves. When ‘cray’ was in its heyday everyone was on the bandwagon. It seemed like Kanye West only made up the word to fit ‘crazy’ into his song and let’s be fair, it paid off. It was quickly ruined when people started using the phrase ‘that s*** cray’ to describe a 2 for 1 offer on Supernoodles at Tesco. The biggest crime of them all was the phrase ‘cray cray’ where for some reason, the word needed to be repeated twice…we’ll never know why.

2. Phrase: “Cool story bro”


Person: “Went to the shops today and got some fish fingers”

Other person: “Cool story bro”

Why it’s so annoying:

This phrase got out of hand far too quickly. People started using it as a response to general statements such as ‘I need some more petrol’ or ‘I’m going to go out’. It just seems to ban conversation and really isn’t witty. As Example put it ‘Who invented cool story bro? Gonna suffocate the guy with a massive book and shout cool story bro’…fair enough.

1.     Phrase: Nom nom nom’

Context: “Can’t wait for nandos #nomnomnom”, “Oh I love chocolate nom nom nom”

Why it’s so annoying:

If you’ve said this phrase aloud that’s pretty embarrassing. It wins this week’s ‘Label’s Top 5’ as it is so unbelievably pointless. People will presume that food is tasty without the ‘nomnomnom’ added to the sentence. A witty response to ‘nomnomnom’ last year would have been ‘cool story bro’…but we won’t go there.   

Matt Bourne


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