For me, this season’s must have item is – the hat. Now whether you are a lover of the beanie, the Cossack or just the straightforward snugly woolly hat, it’s time to start digging them out of your closet because hats are not only a winter essential, but an Autumnal fashion necessity!

I’ve always been a little self-conscious about wearing hats, and although it sounds silly, I think it’s due to the fact that I don’t like the feeling of something sitting on my head! I’ve come to realise however that hats are not only fabulous fashion statements which can quite literally act as the cherry on top of an outfit, but that they are also extremely handy to have on those horrible windy days in Loughborough, mainly because it means you don’t have to spend hours doing your hair or worry about it getting messed up as soon as you step out the door.

For me, my favourite styles at the moment are in fact the beanie and the Cossack. Two completely different looks- one very casual and trendy and the other totally chic and so pretty, ideal for walking to and from campus on those icy cold days.

 If you’re wondering what to wear with these items, then my advice would be that beanies look great with oversized checked shirts and sports style jersey tops/jumpers, as they really accentuate the boyish grunge look which seems to have been made so popular by pop/ r’n’b artist, Rhianna. If you don’t want to lose your girly style completely with this look however, why not add a pair of gold hoops or the on- trend bike chain choker necklace to really create Rhianna’s sought after style.

For the Cossack, team it with some skinny jeans, chunky heeled black boots, and a blazer style jacket, in order to keep that smart yet girly sophistication that the hat suggests.

If you’re a bit like me and a little worried about whether you can pull off the hat-look in general, I say just go for it! If you want to stay warm but stay looking effortlessly cool, then put down the sunglasses (because, let’s face it, the sun isn’t going to come out), and go grab yourself one of these fabulous hats!

Michaela Jewell


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