Flicking through the music channels a few weeks ago I was somewhat surprised to see Eminem appear on my TV screen, especially after so long.

Unlike many artists, Eminem has a remarkable ability to disappear from the music scene with no questions asked and somehow return with a bang. With his first successful release for a few years now, new hit, ‘Berzerk’ is still sitting comfortably at No. 2 on the Radio One Top 40 Singles Chart, and it looks like it will be setting up camp there for a while.

So do we like this new track? 

At the start, the song struck me as a little ‘Berzerk’ in itself, but after listening to the lyrics you come to see that that’s the whole point. You do however feel a little like you’re getting shouted at in the first few verses, but the chorus luckily gains momentum and a more sustainable beat, which is luckily maintained throughout the rest of the song. My only real criticism of the song is when he insults Khloe Kardashian Odom.  Usually, I find his sly digs at celebrities rather witty, but for a true Kardashian fan, you just lost me on that bit of the song, Eminem. Sorry!

‘Berzerk’ nonetheless struck me as having a totally different vibe to much of Eminem’s earlier, perhaps more pop -style rap hits, like ‘Without Me’, and many of his famous collaborations with D12, including hits like, ‘My Band’. The song and video combined still prove Eminem’s comical talents, but demonstrated with a slightly rockier vibe. 

Eminem also manages to look good when experimenting with different genres, and if anything, and like all of his comeback hits, this one is equally as impressive as his earlier popular hits, and is definitely one to prove that Eminem is truly back on the music scene.


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