Meet Becky Turner. She's one of thousands of new students who will be flocking to Loughborough University this coming September. She lives in Douglas – the largest town in the Isle of Man. In these blogs she will be writing about her move over to the mainland and her Loughborough experience – specifically in terms of sport.

I know how important it is to be active and engage in exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since completing my A Level exams, I have volunteered at a local gym, and in return I have been granted free membership.

This has really helped me increase my fitness – I now no longer feel as if I'm about to flake out after a few minutes on the treadmill! However, it hasn't just been about fitness for me; it's also been about getting to meet new people and having a great time.

Fitness classes are one of the best ways to meet new people, create friendships and have fun. It's because of this that I'm extremely excited to get involved in the My Lifestyle program. As well as the fitness classes, I know that My Lifestyle put on free sporting activities such as volleyball – something I will definitely be trying out!

Although there are opportunities to engage in sports teams at home, it will be amazing to have so much more right on my doorstep. Some sports offered at Loughborough simply aren't available on the Isle of Man; such as rowing, cheerleading, lacrosse and several others. I've read about the university's aim to provide support and opportunities to every student, which means I don't feel nervous about trying new sports.

After speaking to a number of 2013's freshers, it appears that there is a great amount of enthusiasm for all of the sporting opportunities at Loughborough. One fellow fresher told me 'I'm looking forward to using the state of the art gym they have there and the athletics track.'

All I have to say is: bring on Loughborough sport!

In her next blog, Becky will write about the impact moving to Loughborough has had on her, and what she makes of the sporting facilities in the flesh.


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