Union President Ellie Read has announced the nominees for this year's Loughborough Experience Awards, to be held on June 17th.

The award ceremony rewards those individuals who have truly made a difference to the Loughborough Experience, and will also reward the best Warden, Team and Better Decisions campaign of the year. 198 nominations were received in total, with 50 named for the individual Loughborough Experience Awards alone!

Ellie Read has told Label Online: "All individual nominees will be invited to attend the Loughborough Experience Awards on the June 17th where we will announce the twelve winners. Shortlisted nominees from both the Team, Warden, Lecturer and Better Decisions categories will be invited to attend the Loughborough Experience awards where the winners will be announced. All nominees will receive a certificate to recognise their fantastic achievement at being nominated for a Loughborough Experience Award. Well done to all nominees!"

Here are the nominees for this year's Loughborough Experience Awards, congratulations to all those who have been nominated!


Individual Loughborough Experience Awards

  • Michael Clark
  • Eugen Bantea
  • Sam Lean
  • Tom Silcock
  • Steffan Lloyd
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Rachel Massie
  • Tom Coussens
  • Laura Hillyard
  • Sarah Emmanuelle Haar
  • Matt Peat
  • Toby Moon
  • Tom Parry
  • Tessa Glenn
  • Michael Jordan
  • Joey Carbanaro
  • Karen Kei Yen Lee
  • Maz Haider
  • Russel Withey
  • Tom Rogers
  • Tom Allright
  • Stephanie Goller
  • Chris Dobbs
  • Andrew Lawton
  • Connor Pearce
  • Rachel Chambers
  • Daniel Day
  • Zak Evans
  • Jago Pearson
  • David Haines
  • Chris Carter
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Chris Begg
  • Tom Traies
  • Piers Harrison
  • Dan Leedham
  • Amy Hughes
  • Michael Baker
  • Tom King
  • Joshua Smith
  • Hayley Smith
  • Rachel Norman
  • Thomas Hubbard
  • Sammy Davis
  • Nancy Flemming
  • Lincoln Chan
  • Josh Ward
  • Jennie Cooper
  • Robert Purdham-Cook
  • George Bollands

Team of the Year

  • Geography Committee
  • The Villa
  • IMS Executive
  • Student Voice Advocates
  • Loughborough Students Cheerleading
  • LSUTV Committee
  • Programme Presidents
  • Club Mission
  • Kids Camp
  • Lisa Dover & Michael Clark (Ghana Project)
  • SocFed Committee
  • Action Committee
  • Mature Students Association Committee
  • Media Senate

Warden of the Year

  • Paul Leaney
  • Katryna Kalawsky
  • Matthew Frost
  • Matt Best
  • Binoy Sobnack
  • Mark King

Lecture of the Year

  • Dr Heike Jons
  • Christopher Wilson
  • Dr Daniel Reidenbach
  • Professor Julian Wolfreys
  • Professor Elaine Hobby
  • Dr Fehmidah Munir
  • David Roberts
  • Dr Lara Alcock
  • Mr Marion Arnold
  • Tina Frank
  • Dr Alan Bairner
  • Ian Bruff
  • Alexandre Christoyannopoulos
  • Ian Fraser
  • Brian Searle
  • Professor Tony Croft
  • Dr Freddie Attenborough
  • Dr Mark Elsegood
  • Profesor Liz Stokoe

Better Decisions Campaign Award

  • Faraday Hall
  • Stephen Allwright & Natalie Hobbs
  • Julien Yenilmez
  • Rootz Enactus Group

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