This season has seen the return of some old school favourites. The fanny pack, the pointed midi-court shoes and the John Lennon-esque sunglasses; three trends that we wouldn’t would have initially believed would have made it onto, and remained on, this spring/summer season catwalk.

Fanny Pack

Back in the 90s, everyone carried their favourite lipstick and scrunchie in their fanny pack. Once the population had gotten over this trend, fanny-packs were somewhat mocked and verged on geek chic, far below the surface of the fashion world. Now, whether in Chelsea High Street or Camden Lock market, you will see an array of fanny packs in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Although their popularity is being relived, it doesn’t change the fact that it attracts attention to the tummy area, dreaded by women globally. This is where our Yay or Nay mentality kicks in!

With designers like DKN Y and Lacoste attempting to transform the stereotypically nerdish portrayal of the fanny pack and storm New York Fashion Week this year, we are unsure whether this old school trend will continue to dominate the catwalk. Although the trend does work in our ladies favour, leaving both hands free when it’s time to get down on the dance floor, we have to question how good does it look? Let alone the name ‘fanny pack’? Perhaps what’s needed is a brand and product name change? Until then, we have a mixed love/hate relationship with the return of the pack.

Pointed Court Shoes

Although shunned from the limelight due to years obsessing over platform, wedges and heels sometimes too high to walk in, the pointed midi heel court shoe has re-entered our fashion radar. Now an accepted and highly loved statement, everyone from Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga are embracing the midi heel (and a height naturally closer to their own) wearing this new trend in a range of colours, patterns and designs. We love them because they’re easy to walk in, don’t hurt our feet and perfect for most floor surfaces. So thank you fashion world and fashion gods for allowing them back into our lives! 

John Lennon Sunglasses

The Olsen twins used to wear them and everyone sort of questioned it. Well two years later these style glasses are a favourite for celebrities this spring season and were seen on a majority of heads at Coachella Festival in LA last weekend. Although this style of sunglasses creates connotations of a Harry Potter-esque feeling, they have become this season’s must have accessory. This is largely due to the sheer scale of shades, colours, lenses and styles available chez Lennon. So grab your Lennon inspired glasses and prepare for the summer weather! 

You can find all these revived key style accessories at House of Fraser, River Island, ASOS and Topshop.


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