As the IMS All Stars fixtures are fast approaching, the teams are deep in preparation and are looking to claim victory against the AU squads. Head Coach James Plowright tells us all we need to know about this year’s All Stars.

The IMS Football All Stars are as well prepared as any team in recent years, with regular training last term and even a mini pre-season in the last week of the Easter holidays. This year, the Football All Stars are not simply there to make up the numbers. The twenty man squad has been superbly committed as each player has tried to take their chance and showcase their talents for the big match. The All Stars are going into the game with the mentality of playing good football, which should aim to please and impress its audience. 

Who are the ones to watch?

Nathanael Fashoro (Centre Attacking Midfielder) – An attacking midfield player who pops up in very good spaces just behind the striker. Once on the ball he can dribble, drive and shoot, and should be a handful for any defending team. Don't be surprised to see him introduce some flair into the game and attempt some acrobatic finishes!

Daniel Ingram (Right Back) – The fast, attacking minded right back is superb at pushing forward and giving the team width when needed. Danny has impressed the university coaches with his good attitude, composure on the ball and drive to win.

So what are the chances of victory against the AU?

The current All Stars side have as good a chance to beat the AU side as ever before it. The commitment to training and teams spirit that has emerged within the group has given the team a real sense of determination, which the university side (made up of players from various teams) will lack. In previous years the All Stars football teams have not fared so well, with both the 2011 & 2012 losing and not even scoring a goal.

Although the challenge is a difficult one, the current All Stars are not daunted by the task ahead of them. They are much better prepared than any team before them, and they go into the game fully confident they can to get a result. Central midfielder James Rowe said "At the end of the day were going into the game as underdogs, we have nothing to lose. We are confident in our own abilities, we have all seen what each other can do and know we can cause any teams problems."

Whatever the outcome may be, it is safe to say this All Stars team will not shy away from the challenge. They know how other teams have fared in the past and are determined to break the barren streak of results, they are here to win.

IMS All Stars versus AU Football will be on April 24th at 7.45pm! Stay up to date on the Loughborough Sport Facebook page.


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