Based on four simple motives, BAAS clothing is a unisex company that appears to suit all! Label Style writer Milly Green interviewed Dan Gaffney to get the low down on the latest Loughborough-based clothing line and questioned the future movements of the company.

For those who haven’t heard of BAAS, what’s it all about and tell us about your collection?

"BAAS is a small urban clothing company, started in Loughborough by myself and Chris Bewick. We bring together different culture influences, with simplistic designs to create urban clothing with an innovative style. Our clothing collection is currently t-shirts, hoodies and crew neck sweaters, with a several different designs. We're a new brand so we're trying not to overwhelm people with loads of different ‘garms’."

"Aside from clothing we have a BAAS music blog, which I do with Xav Labat, which features interviews from DJs, discussions about events we've been to, or coming up, it’s interesting stuff. If you're into house music, it’s definitely something you might want to read."

What inspired you to create your own clothing company?

"It’s something I've always wanted to do really, as I'm quite picky with buying clothes. I wouldn't say so much there was a defining moment where I decided to do it but I had a bit of free time, as did Chris and we started throwing together some ideas for designing our own clothes. It started off just as a hobby really for a bit of fun, but it’s really kicked off. We've had some incredible support and feedback."

Who inspires you?

"I would probably say Shepard Fairey Six."

What is your favourite high street and designer shop?

"My favourite clothing brand I would say is Huf, but in terms of high street shops I would say Urban Outfitters. I like to dabble in the vintage section every now and then you find some gems."

What is your fave BAAS piece in the collection?

"My favourite piece from our current collection would probably be the floral tee. It was the first design I ever made, and remains the favourite for me."

What’s next for BAAS?

"We've got a big next couple of months planned: We've got a summer collection in the making, with some new clothes and designs. We've also got loads of media stuff going on. Planning to make a BAAS video this summer. Keep the music blog going with Xav which is getting bigger and bigger. Loads of stuff in the pipeline, but I don't want to give away too much."

We love the simplicity of BAAS and intend of purchasing an Asian Crew Swear immediately. Support the Loughborough based designers and check out the website to await the up and coming summer line at


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