Hey Ewe! Considering walking home alone on after a heavy FND or Hey Ewe? Make the Better Decision – Label Culture introduces the little-known Nightbus from the Union, available on wednesday and friday nights!

It’s a situation most of us cannot deny being in at one stage in our university lives. You’ve been dragged around by a stumbling friend for most of the night and now she can’t stand up. You may even have been that person yourself, and found yourself stranded on the toilet floor in Fusion. It could even be the classic case of ditch the third wheeler and your friend has abandoned you for their late night pull. In any case, you’re vulnerable, and whilst the alcohol might be telling you otherwise, getting home alone isn’t always the Better Decision.

A little know service running every Hey Ewe and FND from the Union, the Nightbus ensures that students get home safely who might not necessarily otherwise. The bus charges just £1 to go anywhere within a five mile radius of the Union, leaving every 20 or 30 minutes. Although there is no clear advertising of the service, one of its two blue fleeced drivers can be found outside the Union over the course of the evening. However, the Nightbus shouldn’t just be used as a taxi, and drivers will often assess the situation of potential passengers before boarding i.e. an alone student will get priority over a group of friends.

Prioritising student safety in and around campus, VP Welfare and Diversity Georgie Court states “it’s really important that Students think about how they are going to get home, and the Nightbus is always a better alternative than walking home alone or drunk. The service definitely needs to be used more so please feel free to take advantage of this great facility.”


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